Leah’s Lunch was born out of the enjoyment for fresh, off-the-farm produce.  Leah wanted to share what she had learned over the years from having fun in the kitchen and cooking for friends. She started in May 2011 at the Saturday Market in Hood River under a 10×10 tent with a couple of coolers two camping stoves that kept blowing out in the windy gorge. Leah created homemade sauces and vegetarian stir fry bowls served over grains such as rice and quinoa.

The next year Leah began searching for her dream truck and in the Spring of 2012 found her 21ft ‘beast’ on the Oregon Coast and drove it home that very day.

Today, Leah and Leah’s Lunch travels where-ever the truck can take her to offer healthful, delicious foods that provide vital nourishment whatever your dietary needs may be.

A few things we believe in!

Healthy Can Be TastyHealthy food doesn’t have toe big pot of mung beans boiling away on the back burner of commune kitchen. And food doesn’t have to be deep fried or sprinkled with chemicals to taste amazing.  Our goal is to make delicious healthy food that makes you feel full and happy -that gives you energy instead of making you feel like slipping into a coma for the next 3 hours. Skeptical? Let us try to prove it to you.



farm-to-cart-feetWe believe in supporting local farmers. Not only is it healthier (veggies that travel across the country can lose up to 50% of their nutrition along the way), but it’s tastier (fruits & tomatoes can ripen longer on trees instead of having to be picked early in order to survive the bumpy journey), but it also strengthens our economy (30% more money stays in the Gorge when we buy local). Plus we just like our local farmers.



no-soda1We don’t sell pop. We just can’t bring ourselves to do it.  We have juice and smoothies and water… but we try to have at least something healthy in each thing we serve and we simple couldn’t find a single justification in soda. If you convince us of a good reason, we’ll serve it.